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About Blue Solo and Duet

INTERMEDIATE SOLO or DUO, ALL HARPS. Wisconsin Harpists Tammy Naze and Cheryl Murphy have blended a fusion of Celtic, Classical, and Christian styles into Watercolor Harps. This labor of love and friendship, inspired by the sights and sounds of living near the shores of Lake Michigan and Green Bay, is something they hope splashes its way onto your list of favorites. The color blue symbolizes trust, strength and dignity. Blue captures timeless beauty and evokes feelings of dependability and calm. Watercolor Harps hopes this piece splashes its way onto your list of favorites. This piece can be played on lever or pedal harps and also allows players to work on their own interpretation and dynamics. Think of the phrases as cresting waves. The written description “effervescent rolls” under the beginning chords means play the rolls with a fizzy, bubbly feeling. You receive both the solo and duet version. Solo: pedal

Amaryllis Duet

INTERMEDIATE DUO, PEDAL HARP.  Pedal harp duet has few accidentals and is in the key of C major. Pedal harp duet has few accidentals and is in the key of C major. It is three pages in length and includes lots of rolled chord in both hands, running scales in both hands, and a simpler second harp part.

Au Clair de la Lune

INTERMEDIATE DUO, ALL HARPS. Arranged for for two harps (lever or pedal) or harp and piano. Harp One is simpler in the beginning.

Bachiana for Harps (hp duet) Curcio

EARLY ADVANCED DUO, PEDAL HARP. This is a fabulous original harp duet by Curcio.

Ballet of the Butterflies

LOWER INTERMEDIATE SOLO or DUO, ALL HARPS. This sweet waltz by Louise Trotter with a 6/8 introduction has a lovely and music-box like melody. Easy to intermediate, great for ensembles. Key of G, only one accidental for lever change in harp 1. Harp 1 can be played as a solo, or with the second harp accompaniment. Both parts are included, each three pages long. Chord symbols are printed for optional guitar/autoharp accompaniment. This composition was inspired by the live butterfly exhibit at the Museum of Natural Sciences in Houston. UPPER BEGINNER TO LOWER INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS.

Beautiful Dreams for Twin Harps

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. Well-crafted duets that have interesting variety in genre. A great addition for ensemble playing.

Beauty and the Beast 2 hp (Myrow)

EARLY ADVANCED DUO, PEDAL HARP   Beautiful arrangement of this lovely tune which is the title song from Disney's Beauty and the Beast movie.

Bubble Waltz Duet


Cabin Fever for Two

UPPER INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS   A book of harp duets by Sharon Thormahlen and Anna Thormahlen Jenkins.

California Celtic

ALL HARPS INTERMEDIATE - In this collection of all-original tunes, California folk harpist and composer Diana Stork offers a new spin on the old traditions.

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