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Michel Capelier

We are happy to offer music from as many parts of the world as we are able.  Much music comes from France.  In our library, we have one collection by Michel Capelier.  It is always


Mildred Milligan Tribute Page

Mildred Milligan was the first lady of the harp in Houston. She was teacher to Cynthia Cooper, Betsy Paine, Donna Mathews, Mary Jane Sinclair, and many more. She took her students to the White House


Valse in E-Flat Major Opus 83

In writing the description for this selection, I’m finding the composer to be a very historical figure in the world of publishing.  You’ve most likely purchased French music published by Durand Editions Musicales.  Well, Marie-Auguste


Composer Spotlight: Gary Schocker

Composer Spotlight Gary Schocker is mainly known as a flutist, but is also a gifted harpist and pianist. His compositions for harp are in general for pedal harp. They are interesting to learn, play and listen to. He was


Our Newsletters

  December 2020 – Solstice Music December 2020 – Patricia Jaeger has passed December 2020 Kim|Sunita Concert andWorkshops– Princess Margaret Competition October 2020 – New Music: Nancy Hurrell | Carol Wood | Louise Trotter | Diana Stork September


Solstice Music Suggestions

Playing a Solstice Celebration? Just a few suggestions from our extensive inventory. Links will be added eventually.  This article was written with links to our old site, therefore the links do not work. Christmas Eve


Planxty Roy – gift from Mary Dragoset

Our very good friend and customer, Mary Dragoset, has composed a short and beautiful piece that she wanted to offer to you, our customers, during this time of unrest. It is called Planxty Bill Roy.


Favorite Apps and Sites Part 1

The Amazing Slow Downer App This app allows you to slow down the music so you can play along at your own tempo, and work your way up to the correct or required tempo. The


Joyce Rice Music Part 1

One of my very favorite composers is Joyce Rice. She’s clever and has a great sense of humor and harmony. She has a flute/harp duo called “Three Blind Mice Encore” – it’s short and sweet.


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