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A Beautiful Angel

ALL HARPS EASY + VOICE A lilting song in E minor.  The harp part is flowing with 3-note arpeggios in each hand.  See the YouTube below.

A Guide for Harpists

GENERAL, ALL HARPS. With this book an owner will be able to describe clearly and accurately any problem to a repair person.

ABC of Harp Playing

ALL LEVELS, PEDAL HARP.  This helpful book can be thought of as a reference book for teachers and pedal harpists, though it mainly consists of material for the beginning harpists.

Abrasive Cord

For harps that repeatedly break the same string.

Affairs of the Harp

206 pages of interesting and useful material by Samuel Pratt, former manager of the Lyon & Healy harp factory, and gifted harpist, flutist and pianist. Out of print for many years, we are happy to see this book back.

All Around the World

ALL HARPS AND MELODY INSTRUMENTS - LEAD SHEET - a marvelous collection of tunes from around the world.

America’s Sung Heritage

ALL HARPS - LEAD SHEET - a wonderful collection of American tunes!

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American Harpist by Stephanie Curcio

Stephanie Curcio began the study of harp with master teachers in New York City when the culture of the harp in America was still new.  In 1969 she moved to New Hampshire and built a harp culture there through her extensive performances and teaching.  Also a composer, arranger, and music publisher, she has created a wealth of tutorials, solos and multi-harp ensembles through Stephanie Curcio Publications, launched in 1984.  Among her many students have been the American Harp Society's Young Professional in 2000 and a Presidential Scholar in music in 2014.  Stephanie has been recognized by the New Hampshire House of Representatives for her contributions to music.  As a woman in the arts, her accomplishments have been many and varied. John says this book is a very good read and enjoyed it very much.  115 pages.

Anthology CD

COMPACT DISC   This is a complete recording of every entry in Mr. Pool's fake book by the same name. It contains a total of 52 tracks in the exact order of the book.

Back Pack Straps

Back Pack straps designed for Dusty 26 or 32 cases.

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