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Abrasive Cord

For harps that repeatedly break the same string.

Back Pack Straps

Back Pack straps designed for Dusty 26 or 32 cases.

Dusty Strings 26 Case – Economical

This form-fitting, soft-shell case fits the Dusty Strings Ravenna, Allegro, and FH26 harps. It features foam padding with a durable cordura exterior, a smooth inner lining, zipper closure, shoulder strap, an exterior pocket for music and other accessories, and D-rings to attach optional back pack straps. A Deluxe Model is also available,

Dusty Strings Custom Tuning Wrench – Maple

Shaped for comfort and precision control, these wrenches combine the leverage of a gooseneck wrench with the greater direct-pressure capability of a T-wrench. A sheath of clear plastic around the shank extends just beyond the tip to prevent accidental dents. Beautifully handcrafted from maple wood.

Dusty Strings Regular Tuning Wrench

Standard T-handled harp wrench with a star tip that fits pins with 3/16" heads (including all Dusty Strings model harps).

Korg CA-50 Electronic Tuner

With superior features like a large, easy-to-see, LCD needle-style display, the CA-40 Chromatic Tuner is a great value.

Korg CA2 Tuner

An ideal compact tuner with larger display than previous versions.

Korg CM-300 Clip-On Microphone

Similar to the Standard Clip-On Tuning Microphone, but it features sturdier construction, a longer 60" cord, and a clip that opens wider.

Korg MA-30 Digital Metronome

Compact, pocket-sized metronome that contains complete functionality for accurate tempo production and display. LCD screen shows the tempo and the time signature, plus a large animated "pendulum" shows the beat visually.

Korg PC-1 Pitchclip Clip-on Tuner

Compact, accurate, and easy to use, Pitchclip (or PC-1) is the discreet, chromatic clip-on tuner.

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