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Terpsichore in Tandem

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. Twenty melodies from the 1612 Terpsichore collection, arranged for lever harp solo or duo. A really wonderful collection of pieces that will take you back to the 1600’s. You may feel like you have gone back in time!  See the table of contents in “more details”.



This collection contains twenty melodies from the 1612 Terpsichore collection, arranged for lever harp solo or duo. The arrangements definitely have a “period flavor” to them and are suitable for actual dancing when repeated. The arrangements are written using only the key signatures of C and G (or their relative minors) and placed in an order that presents varied tempo, tonality, mood and meter. Some of the arrangements were transposed from their original Terpsichore keys in order (1) to be better suited to the range of the harp and (2) to facilitate lever changes on harps employing a C tuning.

The primo harp part is designed as a complete harp arrangement so that this collection can be used for harp solo as well as harp duet. Guitar chords are included so that this book can be used to accompany a solo instrumentalist playing the melody line of the primo part.

Lever changes are indicated between the staves by octave number and diamond-shaped
notes, while pedal changes are listed below the bass staff. Some suggested fingerings and dynamics are also included. This book was laid out with each harp score on facing pages so that each harper may follow the opposite part.

The total range needed to play all pieces in the keys indicated is four octaves C2 to C6, although several of the pieces require considerably less range. The harper should feel free to add appropriate ornamentation in order to enhance the selections. Feel free to rearrange the pieces to best facilitate performance, no matter what this book says! —-Darhon Rees-Rohrbacher


1. Bransle Simple de Novelle #2 Praetorius 4/4 C major
2. Courante #134 Praetorius 3/2 A minor
3. La Canarie #31 Praetorius 6/4 C major
4. La Bourée #32-2 Praetorius 2/2 A minor
5. Ballet des Matelotz #280 Praetorius 4/4 C major
6. Courante #62 Praetorius 6/4 A minor
7. Ballet des Baccanales #278 Unknown 4/4 C major
8. Ballet des Amazones #270 Unknown 4/4 A minor
9. Galliarde #285 Caroubel 3/2 C major
10. Pavane de Spaigne #29 Caroubel 4/4 A minor
11. Volte #211 Praetorius 6/4 C major
12. Gavottes de Montirande #1 Caroubel 4/4 G major
13. Galliarde #300 Unknown 3/2 G major
14. Philov #22 Praetorius 4/4 G major
15. La Rosette #109 Unknown 6/4 E minor
16. La Bourée #32-1 Praetorius 2/2 G major
17. Volte #210 Praetorius 3/2 G major
18. Ballet de la Royne #263 Praetorius 4/4 G major
19. Courante #73 Praetorius 3/2 G major
20. Gavotte & Gilotte #1 Caroubel 4/4 G major

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