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EASY, ALL HARPS. This is a study of ear training through melodic development. Small melodic fragments from familiar nursery rhymes, folk, patriotic and hymns tunes are used.

12 Old Hymns for Harp and Flute

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS + FLUTE Excellent repertoire! These favorite hymns can be played on full range lever harp or pedal harp. Key signatures range from D to F. Lever changes are indicated. Easily sight readable by the advanced harpist.

22 Carols for 22 Strings

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS   Modern and traditional harmonies, all songs written in the keys of C and G, so they can be played on a C-C lap harp or G-G. Arrangements work on the 26 string harp as well.  All well-known Christmas songs.

22 Favorite Hymns for 22 Strings

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS   A collection of tunes popular with some Christian traditions, written specifically for 22 string lap harp. May also be comfortably played on 26 string harp, such as the Dusty Strings Allegro and FH-26.

28 Tunes from “Dancing Master”

INTERMEDIATE TO ADVANCED, ALL HARPS. 28 Dance tunes from the Playford Collection with detailed fingerings and editing.  Easy to read, excellent arrangements by Dewey Owens!

3 Trios for Folk Ensemble V 1

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS + ENSEMBLE Suitable for church, recital, or receptions, these beautiful and familiar tunes lend themselves well to the pleasing combination of instruments selected. Optional handbell parts for Amazing Grace and Morning Has Broken.

3 Trios for Folk Ensemble V 2

LOWER INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS + MIXED ENSEMBLE   Three beautiful and mostly familiar tunes in ensemble combination. Play them with all of the different instruments or as few as you want.

3 Trios for Folk Ensemble V 3

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS  + ENSEMBLE  Three delightful ensemble arrangements, consisting of one familiar Celtic tune plus two excellent Celtic medleys. Harp, Hammered Dulcimer, and flute.

3’s a Chord

EASY, ALL HARPS.  3's a Chord by Ray Pool explains fundamentals of chord building specifically for the harp. Studies include scales, intervals, inversions, chord progressions and the circle of fifths.

50 Short Pieces for all Harps

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. Fifty original melodies with varying styles.

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