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A Little Lully

ALL HARPS INTERMEDIATE - a unique selection of music: Six Short Pieces From the Operas of Jean-Baptiste Lully (1632-1687) For 4-Octave Lever Harp (C–C) Or Any Pedal Harp

Beloved Bard, The (Jones)

INTERMEDIATE ALL HARPS + FLUTE OR VIOLIN  - Twenty arrangements of beloved Welsh airs, based on collected tunes of Edward Jones, Harper to King George IV. Arrangements are placed in progressive key order; can be played as a "set" of Welsh music.

Cantique de Noel (DRR)

EARLY ADVANCED, ALL HARPS + VOICE   Rees-Rohrbacher's multi-key publication uses keys that should reasonably accommodate the vocal ranges of most solo singers.

Christmas Classics V 1

UPPER INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS    A wonderful collection of music, containing 10 elegant arrangements of melodies suitable for the Christmas season, and arranged in progressive key order.

Christmas Classics V 2

UPPER INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS   Volume 2 in this series of standard Christmas melodies with lovely harmonies.  Click on the samples to get an idea of how these arrangements flow.

Come, Ye Sons of Art

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS   A processional suite of six variations based on the 1694 Ode by Henry Purcell.  The main theme makes the perfect processional for weddings and other festive occasions.  The performer can choose which variations they prefer to lengthen the piece, or just play the theme with repeats. This is the digital download version.

Concerto in Bb for Lever Harp

ADVANCED, LEVER HARP. Lever harp version of this famous concerto, with original cadenza by Darhon Rees-Rohrbacher.

Concerto in Bb for Small Pedal Harp

EARLY ADVANCED, PEDAL HARP.  Upper intermediate to advanced pedal harp piece, suitable for the petite sized harps. Some accidentals, performance notes, explanation of ornamentation. Revised 2015.

English Country Dances

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS    A collection of 21 early Baroque English dance tunes by John Playford with guitar chords.

Festival Preludes/Postludes

UPPER INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS Twenty-three of the most requested pieces for weddings and other festivals suitable for intermediate to early advanced 4½ octave lever or pedal harp, all collected into one place!

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