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6 Folk Songs of the British Isles

BEGINNER TO INTERMEDIATE TRIO, ALL HARPS. For harp trio, pedal or lever, keys of G and C. There are several pieces with a 4th part to be played by flute or C instrument, or another harp.

A Patriotic Medley Trio PDF

INTERMEDIATE TO UPPER INTERMEDIATE, LEVER AND PEDAL HARP TRIO. Written in hope the music ignites listeners with thankfulness and patriotic spirit whatever the national holiday! "A Patriotic Medley" includes "America, the Beautiful" by Samuel A. Ward and "The Battle Hymn of the Republic" by William Steffe.

A Virginia Sampler

INTERMEDIATE TRIO, ALL HARPS. A combined arrangement for harp trio of the American folksongs Shenandoah and Old Virginia (a reel whose melody is very similar to Flowers of Edinburgh).

Adso the Cat Ens PDF

BEGINNER TO ADVANCED BEGINNER, ALL HARPS. A cat story of chasing and resting in the sun.

All In A Garden Green Ensemble PDF

EASY ALL HARPS - A beginning ensemble of this lovely Playford Collection dance.  One note at a time is played, and there are 4 parts.

American Heritage Bk 1

LOWER INTERMEDIATE SOLO or DUO, ALL HARPS. A nice collection of American tunes that we sometimes neglect to honor as a rich part of our heritage.

American Heritage Bk 2

LOWER INTERMEDIATE SOLO or DUO, ALL HARPS. The parts lie comfortably under the fingers, as in all of Louise's well-arranged music.

An Irish Lullaby (O’Neill) – Hp Ens

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. A non-traditional arrangement of an Irish lullaby from Francis O’Neill, with detailed editing.

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