Sanctus (Fauré Requiem) Ensemble

INTERMEDIATE TRIO, ALL HARPS.  Sanctus, from Requiem by Gabriel Fauré – Celestial sounding piece arranged for three harp ensemble.

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Sanctus, from Requium by Gabriel Fauré – Celestial sounding piece from the famous Faure Requiem for choir, harp and organ (or orchestra) arranged for three harp ensemble.

Intermediate difficulty – not for beginners. Contains lever and pedal changes.  Very well arranged, edited and marked.

Harp 1 can be lever or pedal.
Harps 2 and 3 are for pedal harp.
Harp 3 is a good study in pedal changes.

Gabriel Urbain Fauré was born in France and lived from 12 May 1845 – 4 November 1924).  He was a composer, keyboardist and teacher. His Requiem is one of his most famous pieces.
He trained to be a church organist and choir director. One of his teachers was Camille Saint-Saëns.  Fauré had littel time to compose, but he did so during the summers where he would go to the country. Despite litte time for composition, he was regarded as a very prominent French composer. “the most advanced composer of his generation in France” – [Groves dictionary]. His charming and innovative style with regard to harmony and melody changed music of the future. As an older man, he grew deaf, and his music less charming and introverted. Referenced from

Here is a YouTube of the piece for choir and orchestra. There is a significant harp part, but it is often times difficult to hear, even with the harpist in front.

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