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2 or More Harps Flexible Ensemble Collection V 1

MIXED LEVELS, ALL HARPS (1-3 parts). 79 pages of exciting music in contrasting rhythmic styles to enrich your repertoire. Adapt it to your ensemble: Play harp 1 and 2, or 1 and 3, or 1, 2 and 3. Play as few as one harp (any one), combined with one or more melodic instruments. Play with large ensembles assigning each part to several harps. Subdivide any part and assign, for example, only an easy melody line or an easy bass line to a beginner. 79 pages of exciting music in contrasting rhythmic styles to enrich your repertoire. ALL LEVELS, ALL HARPS. Includes: Habanera Gris, easy version for two harps. Cumbia Deliciosa for 2 or 3 harps. Llano, for 2 or 3 harps. Habanera Gris for 1 or 2 harps plus 1 or 2 voices or melodic instruments. Danza de Luzma, for 2 or 3 harps

6 Folk Songs of the British Isles

BEGINNER TO INTERMEDIATE TRIO, ALL HARPS. These pieces have been arranged so that you can use them in a variety of ways. Harp I is the melody only, to be used alone or with an ensemble including at least Harp II. Harp III is the melody with a simple accompaniment to be used alone or in ensemble. Harp II is an accompaniment and needs to be put with at least Harp I. The exception here is the piece “The Water is Wide” which has the melody only in Harp I. There are also several pieces with a 4th part to be played by a flute or other C instrument or by another harp, if preferred. The pieces included in this set of arrangements were requested by my students, either by specific title of by genre of music. I hope you and your students enjoy playing them as much as we

A Patriotic Medley Trio PDF

INTERMEDIATE TO UPPER INTERMEDIATE, LEVER AND PEDAL HARP TRIO. Written in hope the music ignites listeners with thankfulness and patriotic spirit whatever the national holiday! "A Patriotic Medley" includes "America, the Beautiful" by Samuel A. Ward and "The Battle Hymn of the Republic" by William Steffe.

After the Ball is Over

EASY, TRIO, ALL HARPS. This simple trio is both fun to play.

All Things Bright and Beautiful Trio PDF GM

2 Pedal + 1 Lever Harp trio - intermediate: Medley of All Things Bright and Beautiful, Ash Grove, and For the Beauty of the Earth. Digital download only.  We also offer the same medley in a "3 lever harp" version.

America the Beautiful

EASY TRIO, ALL HARPS. Easy yet very beautiful and full sounding. Appropriate for an ensemble of the young or more experienced! Fingerings and brackets well marked.

Andante Cantabile Harp Trio PDF Rachmaninoff (GM)

2 PEDAL AND 1 LEVER ENSEMBLE, ADVANCED - A challenging yet moving arrangement of Rachmaninoff's Prelude 4, Opus 23.

Annie Laurie

EASY, ALL HARPS. This traditional Scottish love song is a favorite!

Ashley’s Serenade

LOWER INTERMEDIATE TRIO, ALL HARPS. A well-developed piece using many musical concepts.

Aura Lee

EASY TRIO, ALL HARPS.  A love song for three harps, that your groups will love to play. Eighth notes keep this old ballad flowing yet simple.

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