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‘Dem Bones

MULTIPLE LEVEL QUARTET, ALL HARPS + WHISTLE.  Arranged for four lever harps, bodhran and whistle.  Though really cute,  you’ll have to count! Also some acting involved on the part of harp 1. [audio mp3="http://musicfortheharp.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/dem_bones_sample.mp3"][/audio]

2 or More Harps Flexible Ensemble Collection V 1

MIXED LEVELS, ALL HARPS (1-3 parts). 79 pages of exciting music in contrasting rhythmic styles to enrich your repertoire.

6 Folk Songs of the British Isles

BEGINNER TO INTERMEDIATE TRIO, ALL HARPS. For harp trio, pedal or lever, keys of G and C. There are several pieces with a 4th part to be played by flute or C instrument, or another harp.

A Patriotic Medley Trio PDF

INTERMEDIATE TO UPPER INTERMEDIATE, LEVER AND PEDAL HARP TRIO. Written in hope the music ignites listeners with thankfulness and patriotic spirit whatever the national holiday! "A Patriotic Medley" includes "America, the Beautiful" by Samuel A. Ward and "The Battle Hymn of the Republic" by William Steffe.

A Virginia Sampler

INTERMEDIATE TRIO, ALL HARPS. A combined arrangement for harp trio of the American folksongs Shenandoah and Old Virginia (a reel whose melody is very similar to Flowers of Edinburgh).

About Blue Solo and Duet

INTERMEDIATE SOLO or DUO, ALL HARPS. Think of the phrases as cresting waves. The written description “effervescent rolls” under the beginning chords means play the rolls with a fizzy, bubbly feeling.

Adagio Royale – Boisvallée

UPPER INTERMEDIATE DUO, PEDAL HARP. Majestic Baroque Adagio for two or more pedal harps.

Advanced Compositions for Double Strung Harp

EARLY ADVANCED, DOUBLE-STRUNG HARP. Three of Laurie Riley’s favorite and most beloved tunes. For the PDF download version, see SKU 91048E.

After the Ball is Over

EASY, TRIO, ALL HARPS. This simple trio is both fun to play.

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