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All Around the World

ALL HARPS AND MELODY INSTRUMENTS - LEAD SHEET - a marvelous collection of tunes from around the world.

America’s Sung Heritage

ALL HARPS - LEAD SHEET - a wonderful collection of American tunes!

Anthology CD

COMPACT DISC   This is a complete recording of every entry in Mr. Pool's fake book by the same name. It contains a total of 52 tracks in the exact order of the book.

Anthology, Fifty Themes and Melodies

ALL LEVELS, ALL HARPS.  A comprehensive collection of music in lead sheet format.

Classical Fakebook

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS.  A comprehensive reference for all classical music lovers,

Come, Come Ye Saints

ALL LEVELS, ALL HARPS. A collection of fifty hymns of The Church Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormon faith).

Easy Fake Book for Lever Harp

EASY, ALL HARPS. Melody and chord symbols in keys of C, F, and G, lyrics, chord reference page, and other suggestions for arranging included.

Gospel’s Greatest Fake Book

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. 450 songs from Word Music and Hal Leonard with melody, lyrics, and chords for piano, vocal, guitar, keyboards, and C instruments.

Lead Sheet Basics Bk 1 Traditional Songs & Lullabies

ALL LEVELS, ALL HARPS. Lead sheets for all 40 songs, in fake book format, with 3 – 4 songs per page (I - 10 pages, II - 12 pages total), a basic-but-lovely arrangement for each for the 40 songs. This book is geared toward lever harps tuned in Eb.

Lead Sheet Basics Bk II – Hymns

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. A basic-but-lovely arrangement for each for the 40 songs, a blank arrangement worksheet (with the melody line, chords, and a blank bass line) so the harpist can develop their own arrangement. This book is geared toward lever harps tuned in C.

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