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Early Period & Popular Dance Music

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS & RECORDERS.  This unique book contains 82 early dances. Some of them are written in two different keys to be compatible with other published arrangements.


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This unique book contains 82 early dances. Some of them are written in two different keys to be compatible with other published arrangements. The divisions are set up with SATB recorders in mind since this seems to be the most common compliment of instruments. Many Playford dances are in 2 to 3 voices only to capture the simplicity of country dances. Each tune contains a one line roadmap (e.g. [AABB] x 3) that specifies how the tune is to be played and how many repeats are required to match the choreography. There are harmonic chords provided for each dance for use by keyboardists, guitarists or harpists. Long tunes have been condensed so as not to have any page turns. A clear plastic cover is placed in the front and in the back of the book in order to protect the outside pages from sticking to a vinyl notebook when you leave it in the car on a hot sunny day. There is an introduction that contains vital information on starting a dance ensemble. An extensive source list is provided containing information on the source and history of the dance choreographies for both the historical dances and the SCA choreographed dances. This book is well worth the cost and will be very useful in providing live music for dance guilds and for fun!

TOC:Indx of Music:

Ann’s Courante (Entre Courante)
Arbeau Branle Suite
Ballo del Fiore
Bizarria d’Amore
Black Almayn
Black Nag
Brounswycke Alman
CandleStick/Torche Bransle
Carolingian/Figured Pavan (Belle qui)
Casuelle la Nouvelle/Reale/Lauro (La Spagna)
Contentezza d’Amore
Contrapasso in Due
Cuckold’s All A Row/Hey Boys Up Go We
Drive the Cold Winter Away
Dull Sir John
Earl of Essex Alman
Earl Of Salisbury Pavan and Galliard
Female Sailor
Fine Companion
Forza d’Amore
Gathering Peascods
Geud Man of Balengieh (Geud Man, Hunt the Squirrel, New Scotch Jig)
Graccia Amorosa
Halfe Hannikin
Haste to the Wedding/Posties Jig
Hearts Ease
Heralds in Love
Hit and Miss
Hit and Miss (Daphne)
Hole in the Wall (in 3/2)
Hole in the Wall (in 6/8 variant)
Horses Branle
Hyde Park
If All the World Were Paper
Jack’s Maggot
Jenny Pluck Pears
John Tallow’s Canon (Chanconeta)
Jouyssance vous Donneray
Lady Spellor
Leggiadria d’Amore
Leoncello Vecchio
Ly Bens
Madam Sosilia Alman
Maltese Branle
Mille Ducas: Pavan and Galliarde
New Alman
New Yeeres Gift
Official Bransle
Oulde Alman
Parson’s Farewell
Passo e mezzo/Dolce Amoroso Foco
Pease Bransle/Branle sont des pois
Pepper’s Black
Petit Vriens
Picking of Sticks (Lavana/Picking of Sticks)
Queen’s Alman
Rostiboli Gioiso (original tenor line)
Rostiboli Gioiso (alternate tune)
Rufty Tufty
Saint Martins
Saltarello “La Regina”
Scotch Cap
Scotland the Brave (Road to the Isles)
Scottish Bransle
Sellenger’s Round
Shepherd’s Holiday
So ben mi ch’ha buon tempo
Spagnolleto Nouva
(Lo) Spagnolleto
Stanes Morris
Stingo/Oyle of Barly
Strip the Willow/Angus Reel (Irish reels)
Tangle Bransle (Branle Double)
Trenchmore (Hunting of the Fox)
Turkish Bransle/Shiarazula Marazula
Upon a Summer’s Day
Villanella Balletto
Voltati in Ca Rosina
Volte (CCX)
War Bransle
Washerwomen’s Bransle
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