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Repertoire with Robbin and Anna

First Presenter: Anna Dunwoodie Anna discussed and demonstrated music by Allison Kinnaird and Bernard Andres. The specific Andres books she referenced (with links to the books on the Melody page) are below. Keep reading because


Stephanie Bennett

Stephanie Bennett’s Monday Melodies April 29, 2024 Monday Melodies with Melody’s features books arranged and composed by Stephanie Bennett, with a focus on her arrangement of Stevie Wonder’s 1982 hit “Ribbon in the Sky.” Ribbon


Carol Wood’s Monday Melodies

Carol Wood plays this installment of Monday Melodies with Melody’s. Enjoy St. Neot from “Unfamiliar Saints” Click HERE to find “Unfamiliar Saints” on the Melody’s Website ( Saints featured in the book:St. Neot – patron


Monday Melodies with Gretchen Monson

March 18, 2024 Monday Melodies with Melody’s Gretchen Monson plays Nimrod Gretchen Monson is this week’s Monday Melody, playing her arrangement of Nimrod. Gretchen and her family have had a long-standing relationship with Melody’s; they


Monday Melodies – Dragon Series #3

Our Monday Melodies with Melody’s today features books by Reba Lunsford, with a focus on Dragons and Dinosaurs. Reba worked at Melody’s for 22 years. She was a part of Melody’s during a time when


Monday Melodies April 1: Bonnie Goodrich plays Kim Robertson

Monday Melodies April 1: Bonnie Goodrich plays Kim Robertson The arrangements in Highland Heart include the complete tracks from the recording “Highland Heart” (GOURD), featuring classic Scottish and Irish airs, such as The Selkie,


Monday Melodies – Dragon Series #1

Monday Melodies with Melody’s – #1 in the Dragon Series Our Monday Melodies with Melody’s for April 8, 2024  features Sharon Thormahlen. She has written a lovely narration for us highlighting her book, Valley of


Monday Melodies – Dragon Series #2

Our Monday Melodies with Melody’s April 15 edition features Darhon Rees-Rohrbacher of Dragonflower Music. In her video, you’ll hear about Wales, the history of the dragon on the country’s flag, and more. The Welsh flag


Repertoire Favorites with Teaching Tips

Join esteemed educators Robbin Gordon-Cartier and Anna Dunwoodie as they share favorite teaching pieces.  Hosted by Kimberly Snaufer DeRosa and Therese Honey, further contributions by Mary Radspinner. Interactive sharing during this webinar – we want


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Downloadable Product Information

Here at Melody’s we offer a wide array of music books and accessories.  In the music book category, you may have a choice between PDFs (or MP3s) and paper books. If there is a choice, you are required to click either the paper version or PDF version before you can put an item into your cart. There should be no shipping charge for download music.  If there are physical products in your cart at the same time, your total will reflect shipping for those physical items.

Products that are download only will have a narrow blue banner toward the top of the description.   Products that are only available as physical/paper will not have a choice for you to make in order to add to your cart, nor will they have the narrow blue banner signifying download only.

After you check out, you are directed back to your receipt where you can download your music. Also, you will receive an email thanking you for your order with links that will take you to your downloads. Please add to your approved e-mail list. If you do not receive an e-mail within a few minutes after you place your order, check your spam folder.

If you created an account with us, you can also find your downloads by going to “My Account” and clicking on the “Downloads” link.  We highly recommend that you create an account so that you can refer to your order history whenever you want.

Depending on your computer settings, when you click on your download link, 1 –  it may open automatically, 2 – it may go into your “downloads” folder, or 3 – your computer may prompt you to “save as”. 

If you have a problem with your downloads, please contact us at  for assistance. Because our website contains so many titles, on occasion we have overlooked uploading a PDF here or there.  When you notify us of this, we make the correction immediately.  Please note that downloads are not “returnable.”


Depending on your computer settings, when you click on your download link, 1 –  it may open automatically, 2 – it may go into your “downloads” folder, or 3 – your computer may prompt you to “save as”.  If you can’t find your PDF, look in your “downloads” folder first.  The title of the PDF may not match the title of the book, so you may want to change the title to what you will remember. After you have located your download, please either remember that it is in your “downloads” folder, or better yet, move it to another folder on your computer with a name that you will remember.

Your respect of the copyright laws will help support the musicians and arrangers who created this music, and will encourage more harp music to be produced in the future. Please do not make multiple copies to pass on to others. You can help keep downloadable harp music viable and available by encouraging your students, friends, and relatives to purchase their own copies. Thank you for your assistance in this endeavor.


On our website,, we offer a wide selection of paper and download music. We were always in a quandary about publications having several parts, or that include sound files. After realizing that we can place multiple files into one folder and “zip” it up, we are now able to offer book + cd options.

What we do: sound files and the PDF book are placed into a folder and zipped. The zipped folder is inserted into the product on the back end of the web site.

What you receive: after you purchase, you receive a zipped folder. This is a folder that literally has a picture of a zipper on it, indicating there is more than one document in the folder.

What you do with it: Generally by double clicking on the folder, it automatically opens up. The challenge lies in whether or not you have a program that unzips these folders. If you do, it is as simple as double clicking and the contents are revealed. Alternately, you can right click on the folder, which brings up choices, one of which is “open with” – you then click on your unzip program.

If you don’t have a program to unzip your files you’ll have a challenge! Recently I bought a small laptop for my zoom lessons. This laptop did not come with winzip, or any other kind of program that unzips these folders. The computer kept wanting me to purchase winzip for $29.  I found another program that does a great job, and it is free. 7-zip unzips all my compressed (zipped) folders! It is open source and you can find out more here:

We hope all this information is helpful to you.

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