December 2020 – Solstice Music

December 2020 – Patricia Jaeger has passed

December 2020 Kim|Sunita Concert andWorkshops– Princess Margaret Competition

October 2020 – New Music: Nancy Hurrell | Carol Wood | Louise Trotter | Diana Stork

September 2020 – Free music by Mary Dragoset | New titles

September 2020 – Reba has retired!

August 2020 – Remembering Brook Boddie

August 2020 – StringWynde You Tube Concert (Darhon Rees-Rohrbacher)

August 2020 – New Music

July 2020 – New Music: Barbara Fackler, Mary Muckle, Diana Stork, Vicki Smith

June 2020 – Louise Trotter Scholarship & more

May 2020 – Apps, Sibelius 6th with pedal markings, Joyce Rice music, Historical Harp Society News

May 2020 – Throwback Thursday with Darhon, Angi and Frank – this is a fun one!

April 2020 – article on brackets and placing, new music by Carol Wood

April 2020 – arranging from easy piano music| Louise Trotter

April 2020 – interview with Carol Wood

March 2020 – Holst Jupiter and Mahan’s Coloring Book

March 2020 – Free Downloads: Mozart Sonatine #1, Fur Elise Ensemble, Page 1 of Harp Hand helps by Patricia Jaeger, Play without stumbling

Late February 2020 – New music from Janet Witman, Diana Stork, Gretchen Monson,Barbara Fackler, Cindy Horstmon, Wm. Mahan,Joy Slavens, Kim Robertson and Shar Wallace,Vicki Smith,Laura Zaerr, Frank Voltz, Sharon Thormahlen and Anna Thormahlen Jenkins.

November 2019 – Paying respects to Evelyn Tiffany-Castiglioni, 1954 – 2019

November 2019 – Diana Stork, Harp Crossings announcement

October 2019 – Louise Trotter has passed

September 2019 – Sylvia Woods downloads, Melodias del Arpa announcement, Bonnie Goodrich downloads, Christy-Lyn visits Melody’s.

May 2019 – Carol Wood plays Christmas at Arthur’s Court, 50 first songs, New popular music from Sylvia Woods, Free Music Sample.

January 2019 – Features Reba’s books, and updates on foster Afghan Hounds

December 2018 – New Frank Voltz, The Lively Bard, New Afghan Hound Fosters

June 2018 – Growing Toward the Light, A Walk in the Mountains, new Angi Bemiss including I Can Only Imagine, new from Joy Slavens and Christina Cotruvo.

December 2017 – lots of new music

August 2017 – Lots of new music

July 2017 – Christa Grix new video

June 2017 – New music from Sharon Thormahlen, Joy Slavens, Laura Zaerr and more.

January 2017 – Twelfth Night announcement and new music

October 2016 – packed with new music and a nice announcement of a large chuck of new Angi Bemiss music.

August 2016 – Debby Carlson has passed

August 2016 – contains many new titles and 2 excellent you tubes from Kathryn Cater

June 2016 – one of my favorite, all about the Holst Jupiter Theme

March 2016 – New from Sharon Thormahlen, Dearbhail Finnegan, Linda Larkin and more

March 2016 – Back in stock – Robin Arioto Fickle’s great books, Wheel of the Year from Carol Wood announced, Technique at your Fingertips series from Julietta Rabens, new music from Cindy Horstman, Holly Avesian books for harp/flute now distributed by Melody’s.

February 2016 – 4 videos on this one, with Gretchen Cover (thanks to her for testing our website), D Squared, and more.