Thank you for your dedication to teaching, and continuing to improve your skills.  Our 2nd presentation was very well attended.  Ms. Curcio has a great deal of experience, and she spoke to an audience who seemed to hang  on to every word.  The presentation was very well prepared, eye opening, and compelling! She spoke on the following topics:

Because you can play, does that mean you can teach?
Technique is NOT a dirty word.
Learning to read notes
Learning to deal with rhythm
Tips for Ensemble playing
Tips to handle performance jitters

Replay information:

Topic: Teaching Harp with Stephanie Curcio
Start Time : Aug 10, 2021 03:24 PM

Meeting Recording:
August 30 – recording has been moved to an unlisted YouTube:


Website of Stephanie Curcio with publications listings: Click HERE

Dear Harp Friends,

Thank you for attending our first Harp Teachers Gathering zoom meeting. We especially thank Anna Dunwoodie for sharing her insights and experiences with us today, June 1, 2021!

Anna’s website is – her ensemble and solo music is listed there!

Her handouts for this zoom meeting are linked at the bottom of her front page.

Some downloads at the Trinity website:

Here is the book depository, but I only found one harp book.

Anna Christensen was present at the zoom meeting, and her music is available on her website here.

Sue Rothsteen website:

Amanda Whiting website:

Fiona Clifton-Welker

 Bernard Andres Music:

Anna Dunwoodie’s Sight Reading Books:

Anna Dunwoodie’s music listed on our site:


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