ALL HARPS INTERMEDIATE ENSEMBLE  a fun duet with a quick tempo.  See more information and YouTube below!

Complete Set: $13
Score only: $5
Harp 1 only: $2.50
Harp 2 only: $2.50
Melody only: $2.50
Harmony only: $2.50
Simplified Harmony: $2.50





From Stephen Dunstone:

I’ve presented this as a duet, but I have performed it with various groups of different sizes and mixed abilities. Anyone who doesn’t feel they can manage everything can just join in with the Rondo Theme whenever it appears and play the harmony in the Interludes, or take the harmony throughout.

The Complete Set includes this score and the following parts: Harp 1, Harp 2, Melodies only, Harmony only, and a Simplified Harmony part. Players who don’t need the extra flexibility and just want to perform the piece as it stands here in the score need only make separate purchases of the Score and the Harp 1 and Harp 2 parts.

The piece isn’t fiendishly difficult, but it does romp along quite fast, and the fingering I’ve suggested (indicated by tails up for right hand and tails down for left, where relevant) does keep both hands in play and facilitate the appropriate nimbleness.  (Sound Cloud below the YouTube)


Additional information

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Complete Set, Easy Harmony, Harmony Only, Harp 1, Harp 2, Melody Only, Score Only


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