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Lyric Melody

INTERMEDIATE, PEDAL HARP + FLUTE.  Lovely new melodies, In four flats with several accidentals, full chords and arpeggios. Could be adapted for lever harp.


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In four flats with several accidentals, this selection will probably work best on pedal harp, although could be adjusted for lever harp. Harp part consists mostly of full chords and arpeggios. A shorter piece, flute part is one page, harp part is three pages.  In 4/4. INTERMEDIATE, pedal harp is best for this selection. Written by Elizabeth Dolan (1938-2018) arranged by Boyd Dolan.  Elizabeth was a flutist and played with her husband, Boyd for many years while retired in Florida.  Beth was a teacher with the Iroquois School District for 33 years prior to her retirement.


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