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Ascendancies (Burton)

UPPER INTERMEDIATE PEDAL HARP + FLUTE. A thirteen movement suite of ten flute/harp duos, two harp solos and one flute solo.

Children’s Corner (Debussy)

ADVANCED PEDAL HARP + FLUTE.   A well notated ensemble piece. The harp part is well edited by Jung Wha Lee. The arrangement contains pedal changes in solfeg and annotations. The flute part is edited by Georges Lambert.

Dances for Harp and Flute

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS + FLUTE   Delightful Latin rhythms with percussion parts! 

Encantamiento for Flute and Harp

UPPER INTERMEDIATE PEDAL HARP + FLUTE. A modern piece  - lasts 7 minutes, copyright 2003. Harp part is intermediate.  Lots of pedal changes on the first 3 pages, harmonics, enharmonics, a few glissandi, more.


INTERMEDIATE PEDAL HARP + FLUTE. Standard and well known flute/pedal harp repertoire. Harp part is not difficult, but does clip along. There is a solo section of harp which is not difficult.

Flirtation for Harp and Flute

LOWER INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS + FLUTE   Duet for Harp and Flute with lots of syncopation.


INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS + OPTIONAL FLUTE    A "solo-ette",  it can be played as a harp solo, and it also has a lovely flute part to play with a friend!

Gathering of Friends

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. Originals composed in honor of several of Carol Wood's friends. The styles range from tango to Gregorian chant-like.

Grand 1894 Opera House Waltz

EASY, ALL HARPS + OPTIONAL FLUTE. Key of C, left hand crossovers, and glisses to depict visions of fashionable couples dancing at grand balls during the turn of the century.

Healing Harps Ensemble Bk II

ALL HARPS BEGINNER THROUGH INTERMEDIATE - soothing ensembles from various composers.

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