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Advanced Compositions for Double Strung Harp

EARLY ADVANCED, DOUBLE-STRUNG HARP. Three of Laurie Riley’s favorite and most beloved tunes. For the PDF download version, see SKU 91048E.



Nicely notated, and easy to read. This book is written for the double strung harp. Although playable on a single strung harp, on occasion the right and left hand will be hovering closely or even on top of each other. For this reason, the book is designated as a double strung book. However, if a player is willing do some re-arranging, those few passages could be altered.

Three of Laurie’s favorite and most beloved tunes: La Tierra Roja is a four page solo with rolled chords and a Spanish flavor. Saguaro is a full 6 page solo, catchy melody with a Spanish flavor. Sedona Light is a 6-page solo with full chords, rhythms marked with accents, and meter changes. Saguaro is also presented as a fun duet for two harps. Harp 2 can be played on a single strung harp.

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