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Advanced Compositions for Double Strung Harp

EARLY ADVANCED, DOUBLE-STRUNG HARP. Three of Laurie Riley’s favorite and most beloved tunes. For the PDF download version, see SKU 91048E.

Beyond the Basics DVD Riley

DVD- Straightforward techniques explained in precise detail that can take the intermediate or advanced harp player beyond predictability and into the realm of the unexpected and exciting.

Body, Mind and Music

REFERENCE BOOK.134 pages. Music affects the body/mind, and the body/mind of the player affects the playing of music.

Composed in Heart

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS Here is a really wonderful book of Laurie Riley’s fabulous compositions, expertly transcribed by Lorna Govier. The notation is clear, large, and oh so easy-to-read! PDF version for download only.

Composing Healthcare Music

REFERENCE BOOK   Not a music book, this text is for all musicians who feel the call to use their music for the good of those in need. This is a PDF download.

How To Start a Healthcare Music Program in Your Local Hospital

Approaching and working with clinical institutions to include live music in their patient services, and how to structure such services.

Play the Harp Today DVD

DVD- This DVD will give a beginner a good start and enhance the progress of someone already taking lessons. It can be useful to players at other levels, too.

Play the Therapy Harp

INSTRUCTION BOOK   The term "therapy harp" is used to describe any small harp that is suitable for playing for therapeutic purposes for yourself or others. Laurie’s new book, "Play the Therapy Harp" is a combination of many modes of the beginning harp experience.

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Secrets of Celtic Style

DVD-Riley's DVD reveals techniques that have been passed down through generations of musicians and is now available to learn.

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