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American Folk Harp

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. These are fun arrangements to play, well thought out and clever. The ballads are lush with embellished harmonies.

Classical Cross-Strung Lap Harp V 1

EARLY ADVANCED CROSS-STRUNG HARP. Selections were chosen for their beautiful melodies as well as ease of playing on a cross- strung harp with few problems.

Classical Cross-Strung V 1

UPPER INTERMEDIATE CROSS-STRUNG HARP. A collection of 30 favorite classical melodies for the 61 string cross-strung chromatic harp (the equivalent range of a 36 string lever harp).

Classical Cross-Strung V 2

EARLY ADVANCED CROSS-STRUNG HARP. Second collection of 30 favorite classical melodies playable on the cross-strung harp. Music from Anonymous (Jemu's Jig) to Zipoli (Allegro) and everything in between.

Four Scottish Duets

INTERMEDIATE DUO, ALL HARPS.  Full stately arrangements with an active left hand.

Harpy Holidays

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. A collection of 30 traditional Christmas carols playable on levered or non-levered harps. Each of the arrangements (with the exception of "Hallelujah Chorus") are presented on a single page with a corresponding lead sheet (melody line, lyrics, and chords) on the adjacent page.

Three Elizabethan Duets

INTERMEDIATE LEVEL, ALL HARPS. The arrangements in this book are selected from the rich repertoire of pieces written in the 16th C and used in Shakespearean plays.

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