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Classical Cross-Strung Lap Harp V 1

EARLY ADVANCED CROSS-STRUNG HARP. Selections were chosen for their beautiful melodies as well as ease of playing on a cross- strung harp with few problems.


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“The cross- strung harp is an incredibly versatile instrument capable of playing all types of music, including classical. The title of the book, “Classical Cross- Strung” applies to selections that could be considered ‘classics,’ not a particular historical period in music. Pieces were selected from the Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic and modern periods of musical history. Selections were chosen for their beautiful melodies as well as ease of playing on a cross- strung harp with few problems. In come cases, pieces were selected that would be almost impossible to play on either pedal or lever harps because of the chromatic nature of the music. An attempt was made to keep the pieces as accurate to the musical intent of the originals as possible, but in some cases the pieces were transposed to different keys to fit the range of the small harp or to be less problematic… These arrangements are all playable on a 3 octave cross- strung harp (ranging from G below middle C to the G 2 ½ octaves above middle C). Players with larger harps may want to add lower bass notes or play some sections of some songs down an octave.” (Performance notes) Excellent fingerings included. Upper intermediate to advanced level.


  • Allegro in F Major- Haydn
  • Arabesque- Burgmuller
  • Arioso- Telemann
  • Bouree- Kirnberger
  • Clement’s Squirill- Anonymous
  • The English Hunt’s Up- Whitfield
  • The Entertainer- Joplin
  • Fantasia- Mudarra
  • First Loss- Schumann
  • Gavotte- Handel
  • Goe No More A- Rushing- Anonymous
  • Guardame Las Vacas- Narvaez
  • Gymnopedie No 1- Satie
  • Gymnopedie No 3- Satie
  • Italian Song- Tchaikovsky
  • Kemp’s Jig- Anonymous
  • Little Rondo- Rameau
  • Melody in F- Rubinstein
  • Mexican Hat Dance- Partichala
  • Minuet in G- Beethoven
  • Hornpipe- Purcell
  • Orlando Sleepeth- Dowland
  • Parade of the Tin Soldiers- Jessel
  • Peter and the Wolf- Prokofieff
  • The Reaper’s Song- Schumann
  • Russian Polka- Glinka
  • Sarabande- Handel
  • Scherzo- Witthauer
  • The Sinkapace Galliard- Anonymous
  • Spinning Song- Ellmenreich
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