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Early Period & Popular Dance Music

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS & RECORDERS.  This unique book contains 82 early dances. Some of them are written in two different keys to be compatible with other published arrangements. Courante (Entre Courante) Arbeau Branle Suite Ballo del Fiore Bizarria d'Amore Black Almayn Black Nag Brounswycke Alman CandleStick/Torche Bransle Carolingian/Figured Pavan (Belle qui) Casuelle la Nouvelle/Reale/Lauro (La Spagna) Contentezza d'Amore Contrapasso in Due Cuckold's All A Row/Hey Boys Up Go We Dargason/Sedany Drive the Cold Winter Away Dull Sir John Earl of Essex Alman Earl Of Salisbury Pavan and Galliard  see below for full table of contents

Medieval Songs & Dances V 1

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS.  An extensive collection of monophonic estampies, salterellos, and songs. Sources of this scholarly collection, some tunes including words. Cantiga de Santa Maria #1 (De Oge mais) Cantiga de Santa Maria #7 (Santa Maria amar) Cantiga de Santa Maria #42 (A Virgen mui grorioso) Cantiga de Santa Maria #48 (Tanto son da Grorioso) Cantiga de Santa Maria #166 (Como Poden) Cantiga de Santa Maria #207 (Se ome fezer de grado) Cantiga de Santa Maria #322 (A Virgin que de Deus Madre) Cantiga de Santa Maria #346 (Com’a grande enfermidade) Cantiga de Santa Maria #353 (Quen a omagen da Virgen) Cantiga de Santa Maria #362 (Ben Pode Santa Maria) Carmina Burana no. 19 (Fas et nefas ambulant) Carmina Burana no. 116 (Sic mea fata) Carmina Burana no. 196 (In Taberna Quando Sumus) Carmina Burana no. 200 (Bacche, bene venies)  see below for full table of contents

Medieval Songs & Dances V 2

INTERMEDIATE, ALL MELODY INSTRUMENTS  This book is a collection of Medieval monophonic arrangements in "fake book" format for amateur or professional musicians intent on getting started in Medieval music. Cantiga de S. Maria #018 (Por nos de dulta tirar) Cantiga de S. Maria #029 (Nas mentes senpre ter) Cantiga de S. Maria #037 (Miragres fremosos) Cantiga de S. Maria #077 (Da que Deus Mamou) Cantiga de S. Maria #100 (Santa Maria Strela do dia) Cantiga de S. Maria #119 (Como Somos) Cantiga de S. Maria #139 (Maravillosos e pieadosos) Cantiga de S. Maria #159 (Non Sofre) Cantiga de S. Maria #160 (Quen bõo dona querrá) Cantiga de S. Maria #167 (Quen quer que na Virgen fia) Cantiga de S. Maria #189 (Ben Pode Santa Maria) Cantiga de S. Maria #213 (Quen serve Santa Maria) Cantiga de S. Maria #226 (Assi Pod’a Virgen) Cantiga de S. Maria #333 (Connosçudamente Mostre Miragres) 

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