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Chants in the Celtic Tradition

These chants are offered to enrich meditative practice. It is hope their simplicity makes them memorable, that they may be recalled in challenging moments, to be sung out loud or silently within the heart. This book is only available as a PDF download.

Chants in the Sephardic Tradition PDF

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS & VOICE   For devotional chanting, inspired by John Philip Newell's "Sound of the Eternal: A Celtic Psalter"

Ensemble Etudes – Larkin

INTERMEDIATE ENSEMBLE, ALL HARPS   For players wishing to increase their proficiency in ensemble performing, a series of short skill-building etudes to be sight-read by harp ensembles.

Lacrimosa de Maria

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS - HARP SOLO OR WITH VOICE. [revised November 2013] Contains 2 pieces, both appropriate for meditation.  A minor with a G# lever change. Scroll down for SOUND SAMPLES.

Serenata Classica

INTERMEDIATE ALL HARPS. Subtitled "A Contemporary Suite with Classical Style", this lively work has a lot of techniques to keep the player on his/her toes and the audience engaged and entertained.

Waltzing to Sayulita

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS (1/2/3/4 parts)   Linda has captured the Latin flavor of this Mexican beach town in her original tune by using Latin rhythms. Written for 1, 2, 3, or 4 harps, but Harp 1 can also be a solo.  The triplets, PDLT and Latin rhythms all come together for a great sound.

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