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Veni Veni Emmanuel


Haunting plainchant melody embellished with LH arpeggios, harmonics and lush chords.  Read more details below.  You Tube provided by Christa Grix.



The words and text of the beloved hymn O Come, O Come Emmanuel evolved separately. The earliest surviving evidence of the text was published in Cologne in 1710, and the earliest surviving evidence of the hymn is from a 15th century French manuscript. The hymn and text were paired in1851 by Thomas Helmore (1811-1890), who first published Veni Veni Emmanuel in the Hymnal Noted. The poetic beauty of the text combined with this evocative plainchant has resulted in a beautiful musical accompaniment to the season of Advent for over 150 years. Harmonics, grace notes and a moving LH.  Lush chords.

This arrangement, for the intermediate harpist, has an arpeggiated left hand bass which accompanies the lyrical melody in the right hand. 


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