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The Fine Scottish Air


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Each tune tells a story that can be shared as an intimate communication that is special and beautiful. It can be told as fits the occasion and player, making each time unique and fresh. The author writes,” The finery of the harmony and accompaniment is important, but always remember that the melody is central. The melody is the reason the music is made. Like the topography of Scotland itself, the tunes are not meant to be flat. Rather, they are meant to be vibrant and alive. Sink your hands in, be part of the music, give each of these tunes its life by including a little part of yourself.” (Jennifer McGovern Narkevicius)

Information about the tunes is included and can be used as introduction during performance. Chords are written above the treble line, keys of G, D, C, F, and Eb, plus a bass range that reaches to the C two octaves below Middle C, make this more suited to full-range lever harp tuned to E-flat Major. Of course, it’s also playable on pedal harp, and can be modified for harps with smaller range.

Contains: Ae Fond Kiss, Bank of Lochiel, Caol Mhuile, Crodh Laoigh name Bodach (Old Man’s Young Calves), Da Day Dawn, Dean Cadalan Samhach (Sleep Quietly), Glen Coe, Hector the Hero, Jamie Come Try Me, John Anderson, My Jo, Lochabar No More, The Languor of Love, The Lovely Lass of Inverness, MacCrimmon’s Lament, MacDonald, Lord of the Isles, Macintoch’s Lament, My Bonnie Laddie Has My Heart, Oh Mother What Shall I Do, Oran Mor Mhicleoid, Sarah Williamson’s Lament, Tonight I Get Little Sleep, William and Margaret, The Long Goodbye.


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