Stage One Solos

EASY, ALL HARPS. Thirty great beginning material for younger students, with easy to read tunes.


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30 wonderful beginning stuff for younger students, with easy to read tunes that lay well under the fingers. Key signatures range from one flat to two sharps. Shortest note values are 8ths, no dotted rhythms. Note stems sometimes indicate hand. When this occurs, it is clearly marked. Left hand fingering is placed below notes, right hand is placed above notes. Brackets show placement with frequency decreasing gradually. Phrase marks are used rather than overlapping brackets. EASY, ALL HARPS.

Table of Contents:
Treble Trek, Russian Tune, Slumber Song, Space Echoes, Quin’s Jig, Henry Martin, Vienna Theme, Here, There and Everywhere, Erica’s Dance, Why Not?, Look at Me, Romp Around the Clefs, Merry Widow Waltz, Dilly Dog, Springtime Lullaby, Harriet’s Waltz, Lament for Summer, Fairy Lullaby, A la Bach, Leopold’s Joke, Almost Amadeus, From Humperdinck, Prelude, Gypsy Rondo Theme, Sakura, Pentatonic Tune, German Dance, Sort of Ludwig, Celebration

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