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Adagio Royale – Boisvallée

UPPER INTERMEDIATE DUO, PEDAL HARP. Majestic Baroque Adagio for two or more pedal harps. Part 2 is easier than part 1. Accidentals, suggested thumb slides, sixteenth notes. INTERMEDIATE TO UPPER INTERMEDIATE PEDAL HARP Table of Contents: Adagio Royale, by François de Boisvallée

Air for Two Harps (Handel)

INTERMEDIATE DUO, PEDAL HARP. From Handel's Suite XIV in G, this duet is technical, consisting of eigths, 16ths and 32nds. Right hand and left hand play unison an octave apart. A brisk and energetic piece. Intermediate Pedal Harp.

Allegro (Handel)

UPPER INTERMEDIATE PEDAL HARP. Handel's Allegro from Suite XIV in G.

American Harpist by Stephanie Curcio

Stephanie Curcio began the study of harp with master teachers in New York City when the culture of the harp in America was still new.  In 1969 she moved to New Hampshire and built a harp culture there through her extensive performances and teaching.  Also a composer, arranger, and music publisher, she has created a wealth of tutorials, solos and multi-harp ensembles through Stephanie Curcio Publications, launched in 1984.  Among her many students have been the American Harp Society's Young Professional in 2000 and a Presidential Scholar in music in 2014.  Stephanie has been recognized by the New Hampshire House of Representatives for her contributions to music.  As a woman in the arts, her accomplishments have been many and varied. John says this book is a very good read and enjoyed it very much.  115 pages.

Ashley’s Serenade

LOWER INTERMEDIATE TRIO, ALL HARPS. A well-developed piece using many musical concepts.

Away in the Manger (Hp Duo) – Curcio

LOWER INTERMEDIATE DUO, ALL HARPS.  Away in the Manger, creatively arranged for two harps (lever or pedal).

Bach on Bach

LOWER INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. A medley of three Bach chorales arranged by Curcio.

Bachiana for Harps (hp duet) Curcio

EARLY ADVANCED DUO, PEDAL HARP. This is a fabulous original harp duet by Curcio.

Baroque Fantasia


Barrios for Harp

INTERMEDIATE, PEDAL HARP. Four standards from the classical guitar literature beautifully arranged for pedal harp.  From the classics of guitarist Augustin Barrios.

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