Quiet Stars in Endless Night

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS   Mary’s writing style is similar to Cindy Kleinstuber’s with a little more rhythmic structure. Lovely compositions.



Eight satisfying pieces composed for small harps of 23 or more strings ranging from F below middle C up to G, with levers on F, C, and B. Nice clean notation, some fingerings included, easy to play. Mary has a flair for composing music so that both hands work together to produce a cohesive tune, giving the left hand just about equal the activity of the right hand. All these tunes were written over several lovely, spring-like days in a February. Her compositions are generally 2 to 3 pages long with a nice, progressive development without losing the integrity of the melody.

A Beautiful Day, Long Dusty Path, Walking With A Friend, The Kestrel, Little Brown Wren, Dance of the Trees (In the Southerly Breeze), Ripples in the Stream, Quiet Stars in Endless Night (which includes an optional vocal part).

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