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Harping on Theory V 2

ALL LEVELS, ALL HARPS   Subtitled “The Lone Arranger” – The author shows us practical application of the elements of theory!


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Subtitled “The Lone Arranger” – Harping on Theory Volume 2 by Denise Grupp-Verbon

The author says: It can be easy to assume the study of music theory as a bit too “academic”. We are taught the various elements but never shown how to use the material “practically.”  Why would we have any interest in music theory if we don’t know how we can apply the information?  This is the goal of Harping on Theory volume 2 in particular.

Table of contents includes:

Family of Triads, Scale Degree and Chord names, 7th chords, symbols, embellishing tones, suspension, chord substitutions, extended chords, and much more.  44 pages.

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