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Finger Puzzles and Shapes

MULTIPLE LEVELS, ALL HARPS   Beginner to advanced harpists will benefit from the study of these 72 finger puzzles and shapes, which will help to improve sight-reading skills, and much more.

Harping on Theory – revised

ADVANCED BEGINNER, ALL HARPS   An illustrated theory book designed for all lever harpists, this book starts with music reading tips and includes basic rhythms, intervals, tuning by ear, finger shapes, major and minor key signatures, minor scales, triads, and a discussion on tuning your harp in Eb. Includes write-in exercises.

Harping on Theory V 2

ALL LEVELS, ALL HARPS   Subtitled "The Lone Arranger" - The author shows us practical application of the elements of theory!

Lever Drill

ALL LEVELS, ALL HARPS    Looking for a low-pressure way of mastering lever changes? This book combines practicing lever changes with finger exercises.

Pedal Drill

ALL LEVELS, PEDAL HARP   A chord progression for your pedals, with a series of 40 patterns to train your feet and fingers to work together effortlessly.

The Minstrel Boy

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS   A rhythmic guitar-like arrangement transcribed and adapted for harp solo by Denise Grupp-Verbon. In D major, with a couple of easy lever changes, with pedal changes easily added.

The Red Leaf

Arranged by Wayne F. Anthony and edited by Denise Grupp-Verbon. Key of G, some sixteenth notes, right hand glisses, pres de la table, but NO accidentals. All parts are fairly equal, although Harp 2 has a 14-measure glissando toward the end. All three parts play the same tones an octave apart sprinkled throughout the piece. Example number 3 in images is Harp 1, number 4 is Harp 2, and number 5 is Harp 3.

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