Harmony Singing V 1

Also titled “How to sing harmonies off the top of your head”. A companion CD with 42 exercises, songs, and quizzes is also included. Verlene Schermer has drawn upon her years of teaching private students and presenting workshops and classes to shape the contents of this book.




This book has evolved from a popular five week course presented by Verlene Schermer
and also from over 30 years of teaching private voice in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Verlene’s presentation style both in her workshops and in private lessons as is reflected in
this book, is comfortable and conversational. This makes learning challenging concepts
of harmony fun, interesting, and easier than many people think it could be! The CD
included with this book has 42 tracks of exercises, songs, and quizzes. Volume 1 includes
the basic harmonies found in major and minor triads. Volume 2 covers more complex
harmonies. Nothing beats singing with a group of people, and if you can find some
friends who would like to explore some of these exercises together, you will find it to be
great fun! 28 pages. ($15.00 for book/cd)

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