(No Longer) Harp Newbies Activity Book Level 3

LOWER INTERMEDIATE TO INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. The Harp Newbies series includes three books for each level that when used together, will help those who are new to harp develop skills in music reading, technique, and music theory. The three books are:
The Lesson Book, The Tune Book, and the Activity Book.



This book provides more practice with music theory and harp technique through five types of activities: playing; writing; doing (such things as hand clapping); listening; and watching. There are 20 videos to watch online (links are provided), as well as 6 audio exercises. There are also answers online for all the written assignments. The harpist can use this book along with the Lesson book (and also the Tune book) with or without a harp teacher. 31 pages.

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