Bright, Bright The Moon

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. Beautiful and mysterious Chinese melodies from Melinda Johnson. Many of these are lovely as pre-service music for memorial services. Levers and pedals are not indicated.


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Beautiful and mysterious Chinese melodies from Melinda Johnson ranging from easy (meaning single notes in RH and one to three notes played at a time in the LH), to intermediate (meaning four-note RH chords and 16th note arpeggios).  The lowest note that I noticed is the G which is 1 and 1/2 octaves below middle C, so this collection can be played on a Here Lorraine type harp or an older model Dusty 32.  Key signatures range from C to Bb to D.  Can be played on lever or pedal harp.  Love Song of Kang Ding has an optional pedal harp part playing glissandos for 8 bars.  Requires E# and B# (could be played by a lever harp tuned in C and putting the E and B levers up).

No lever or pedal changes indicated.

Titles:  Bei Qiu Feng (Cantanese Old Song)
Bright Bright the Moon (Cantonese Lullaby)
Gong Xi Ni, Gong Xi Ni (Chinese New Year Folk Song)
Harp Under the Sun (Sichuan Folk Song)
Jasmine (Chinese Folk Song)
Little Streamlet (Yunnan Love Song)
Love Son of Kang Ding (Sichuan Folk Song)
O Lily Lily White (Chinese Lullaby)
Pastoral Song (Chinese Folk Song)
Sha Li Hong Ba (Chinese Folk Song)
Song of the Shepherd (Kazak Folk Song)
Sore is my Heart with Yearning (Chinese Old Song)
The Bamboo Flute (Shandong Lullaby)
The Swallow (Xinjiang Love Song)
Who Can Fly (Chinese Children’s Song)

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