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Bright, Bright The Moon

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. Beautiful and mysterious Chinese melodies from Melinda Johnson. Many of these are lovely as pre-service music for memorial services. Levers and pedals are not indicated.

Cherry Blossoms

INTERMEDIATE  PEDAL HARP.  An original pedal harp solo written in three-four time, key of G.  The song contains few accidentals, modulates to Bb on the second page and back to its original key on third page.

Chinese Folk Songs

INTERMEDIATE PEDAL HARP.  Five delightful melodies from five provinces in China.

Japanese Folk Songs

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. Delicate and exotic intermediate arrangements.

Japanese Lullaby

ADVANCED BEGINNER/INTERMEDIATE – ALL HARPS – A serene, lyric melody with a winsome, childlike air. This 2 page harp solo has no accidentals and includes harmonics, PDLT, plectric sounds and glissandi. Fun for recital or background music.

March Orientale

ADVANCED BEGINNER/INTERMEDIATE – ALL HARPS – A bold processional with pronounced eastern color.

Russian Lullabies, Two

LOWER INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS.  From Mr. Landy: “Old Russian Lullaby,” which is evidently not Russian, is a melody I remembered from long ago. “New Russian Lullaby” is my own composition, inspired by the former." They are strung together as a medley.

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