10 Pieces for Solo Harp (Tournier)

UPPER INTERMEDIATE TO ADVANCED, PEDAL HARP. Carl Swanson edited each piece to clarify how each piece should be played as the composer intended.


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Marcel Tournier’s (1879-1951) compositions are an important piece of the classical French repertoire. Carl Swanson edited these ten pieces to make them more readable and accessible, as well as making it practice-ready. Double flats and sharps have been re-spelled so that the player knows immediately which strings to play. Many passages have been re-notated to simplify which hand plays a certain note. The original compositions themselves have not been altered in any way, but simply to clarify how each piece is played.

Contents: Au Matin, Offrande, Vers la source dans le bois, Because russe, Op. 40, La Voliere magique, L’Eternal reveur, Clair de lune sur l’etang du parc, Lolita la danseuse, Cloches sous la neige, Jazz Band, Op. 33.

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