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A Bouquet of Roses Duo

ALL HARPS LOWER INTERMEDIATE TO INTERMEDIATE. A medley of famous German Lieder: Haiden-Roslein by Schubert, Die Rose, die Lilie by Schumann, Es hat die Rose sich beklagt by Franz and Mein Madel hat einen Rosenmund by Brahms. Harp 1 is intermediate. Harp 2 is lower intermediate. All pieces in the key of C. Just a few lever/pedal changes. Lovely selections.

Amaryllis Duet

INTERMEDIATE DUO, PEDAL HARP.  Pedal harp duet has few accidentals and is in the key of C major. Pedal harp duet has few accidentals and is in the key of C major. It is three pages in length and includes lots of rolled chord in both hands, running scales in both hands, and a simpler second harp part.

America Sings Duo

ALL HARPS LOWER INTERMEDIATE America the Beautiful, My Country 'Tis of Thee, Battle Hymn of the Republic arranged for 2 harps. All three songs in the key of C. Harp 1 has 16th notes toward the end, but the pattern is repeated so it is not difficult. There are a couple of F# and C# changes, playable on lever or pedal harp.

Austrian Carols

INTERMEDIATE HARP DUO Lovely medley of the following carols for two harps. Above on the Mountain Gloria The Twilight Is Falling As Lately As We Watched Still, Still, Still

Barcarolle by Offenbach

INTERMEDIATE DUO, PEDAL HARP.  Pedal harp duet has few accidentals, and is four pages in length. The level of difficulty is moderate, due to fast paced repeated notes in both hands, and some trills.

Baroque Movements

INTERMEDIATE TRIO, PEDAL HARP. Ensemble arrangement that includes three separate pieces of music with some accidentals and pedal changes.

Christ Is Risen

INTERMEDIATE QUARTET, ALL HARPS.  For four harps. Christ the Lord is Risen Today from Lyra davadica and He is Risen by Joachim Neander.

Dances for Two PDF – Haydn & Brahms

INTERMEDIATE DUO, PEDAL HARP.  Two separate harp duets with few accidentals. Both dances are between three and four pages long, and are of simple to moderate harp difficulty. Available as a PDF download only.

Easter Song

INTERMEDIATE TRIO, PEDAL HARP.  Pedal harp ensemble with multiple pedal changes.  Challenging and impressive.

Finlandia PDF – Pack

INTERMEDIATE DUO, PEDAL HARP. Pedal harp duet has some accidentals, is of medium difficulty. Available as a PDF download only.

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