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Four Ensembles (3 duos/1 trio)

INTERMEDIATE DUO or TRIO, ALL HARPS  Four exquisite ensembles.  Three are for duo, one is a trio. This wonderful and diverse collection has interesting parts for all.

Four Songs for Voice & Harp

ALL HARPS INTERMEDIATE - HARP AND VOICE.  Music by Mary Muckle, Poetry by Wm. Yeats. In the alto range with highest note Eb a m10th above middle C. Harp parts are intermediate and nicely independent of the vocal line.

Huron Carol (Jesous Ahatonhia)

The Huron Indian Carol, possibly the first of all Canadian carols.  This beautiful arrangement is in the key of Gm, several verses, several languages.  Range is D to D.

Three Folksong Duets

LOWER INTERMEDIATE DUO, ALL HARPS   Three lovely folk tunes: Fairy Lullaby, She's Like the Swallow and All the Pretty Little Horses - arranged for harp duet.  Beautiful, well done arrangements, with editing and brackets included.

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