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Celtic Tunes V 1

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS.  A collection of Celtic melodies.

Celtic Tunes V 2

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS.  A second volume of Celtic melodies.

Harvest Hornpipe Trio

ADVANCED BEGINNER TRIO, ALL HARPS.  For three lever or pedal harps, key of D, full and authentic sounding, fun for advanced players but attainable by beginners.

Highland Pibroch

INTERMEDIATE TRIO, ALL HARPS. A quick and rhythmic Scottish dance with interlude.

Lieutenant Macquire (harp trio)

EARLY ADVANCED TRIO, ALL HARPS. A lively and energetic jig, fun for the advanced harper, yet attainable by the beginner/lower intermediate.

Sine Bahn (harp trio)

BEGINNER TRIO, ALL HARPS. Very well done, not hard but the final outcome is impressive.

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