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A Song of the Promises of God

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS + MEZZO VOICE. A Song of the Promises of God was written for a 23 string harp, but it can be played on any size harp with levers on F, C and G. It is appropriate for funerals, memorial services or worship. It was originally performed as an organ/oboe duet at the memorial service of Rev. Alfred L Perkins (father of the composers/arrangers: Barbara Wright and Marilyn Biery). Verses were suggested by Dorothy Perkins. 4 pages in length, easy to play, very gratifying and well received. Vocal part is for mezzo soprano with highest note the E which is an octave and a third above middle C.


INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS + VOICE  A beautiful song written by Lui Collins, a well known New England folk singer. The words and melody are uplifting and appropriate for performance in all arenas – for enjoyment, for yourself or for an audience.

Songs of Faith and Justice

LOWER INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS + MEZZO VOICE Music for nezzo-soprano voice and small harp - easy and straightforward arrangements with nice harmonies.

Thomas Moore for Small Harp and Voice PDF

EASY TO LOWER INTERMEDIATE ALL HARPS + VOICE The harp parts are quite easy, yet make a nice accompaniment. There are very few lever changes, and most tunes are in the keys of C or G.

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