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A Rose in Winter

LOWER INTERMEDIATE TO INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. Ten original lovely pieces.  For PDF download music, see SKU E8109.

Beautiful Dreams for Twin Harps

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. Well-crafted duets that have interesting variety in genre. A great addition for ensemble playing. This book was designed to be a ready-made program for duet partners or an ensemble. A handy information page for each song gives key changes, performance suggestions, and historical information to share with the audience. Lyrics are included for those tunes that have them. A few accidentals occur in some selections but are well thought-out and clearly marked. Both parts are equally balanced as far as level and activity, so neither player will be bored. Contains: Home on the Range, Birds of Blue Ridge, Beautiful Dreamer, The Lone Wild Bird, Carolan's Dream, Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing, The Song of the Harp

Beneath the Pines

ALL HARPS LOWER INTERMEDIATE - Sharon's 7th book of original tunes.

Cabin Fever for Two

UPPER INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS   A book of harp duets by Sharon Thormahlen and Anna Thormahlen Jenkins. CABIN FEVER FOR TWO is book of harp duets by Sharon Thormahlen and Anna Thormahlen Jenkins. These eight tunes for beginning intermediate to advanced intermediate players were developed over a six-year period as Sharon and Anna traveled to harp conferences, retreats and family gatherings. Both old and contemporary tunes are included as well as traditional folk music gems. Tunes are: Musique dans la Cabane, The Water is Wide, Inis Oírr, The Ash Grove, My Cape Breton Home, Tourner à Trois, Hewlett and Waltzing Matilda. There is a full score of both parts along with each individual part. LOWER INTERMEDIATE TO ADVANCED, ALL HARPS. (Sharon and Anna suggest that each player purchase their own copy.) Cover by Earl Newman!

Dance Thru the Music

LOWER INTERMEDIATE TO INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS.  A great tunebook with enjoyable traditional songs. The notation is large and easy to read, with fingerings and placement brackets. Chords are provided, as well as lyrics. All tunes are in C or sharp keys. There are no accidentals and no large chords in the right hand, making these tunes very playable. Titles include; Southwind, Brian Boru’s March, Suo Gan, Country Gardens, Parson’s Farewell, Oh, Susannah, Oh Shenandoah, The Shearin’s No’ For You, Down by the Sally Gardens, All Through The Night, Skye Boat Song and more.

Fiddlin’ Around on the Harp

EASY TO LOWER INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. 19 fiddle tunes arranged for the harp, suitable for beginner and intermediate players. Some might call the tunes in this collection “fiddle tunes.” These are usually defined by a tune of 32 bars, with an AA BB form or something close to that (AA BA, AA BB CC). Many “fiddle tunes” were conceived on other instruments than the fiddle, like bagpipes, horns, piano and harp. These tunes usually come down through oral (aural) tradition and most often are learned by ear. This means that the folk process figures heavily in their evolution. You may have heard many different versions of the same tune. Sometimes the same tune may have a different name, and sometimes a different tune will have the same name. This can be very confusing. I chose the name I was most familiar with and seemed to be the most commonly used.

Gossamer Gate

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS.   Ten original compositions by the composer of the popular "A Rose In Winter". this work shows a maturity in musical structure and harmony. Intermediate level with right and left hand activity that holds interest from the first note through the last. Left hand generally has a good amount of movement, right hand utilizes good note leading and just the right amount of rhythmic variety. Chord symbols are included. "Gossamer Gate" is in 3/4 in the key of F, a beautiful melody without lever changes, lowest note is low F. "The Spider's Tomato" is in 3/4 in the key of E minor-ish, lowest note is low D. "Figmint" has a really nice balance of rhythms in the right hand, key of E-minor-ish, lowest note is low E. "The Confluence" is in the key of C minor in 4/4 time with a B lever change, lowest note is low F. Some syncopation in the left hand,

Melodias del Arpa

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS.  If you like Latin American music, you'll love this book. Eleven traditional Latin arrangements adapted and simplified for Celtic-based harp players.

Moon Over the Mountain

LOWER INTERMEDIATE TO INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS.  An experienced backpacker, Sharon Thormahlen has written the tunes in this book as a reflection of the many places journeyed over the years.  She started backpacking as a teenager with her parents, and continues to do so with her own family.  She says that being in the solitude of the mountains surrounded by the beauty of the flowers, trees, rivers, creeks, canyons and the snowcapped peaks is an astoundingly spiritual experience.  All tunes are and organized in the order of keys starting with F and ending with D. There are no lever changes. Suggested metronome markings are provided.

Prelude for Peace

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS + ENSEMBLE   A meaningful ensemble written in the style of a passacaglia, which means the bass line repeats over and over, with variations above in one or many voices.

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