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ABC of Harp Playing

ALL LEVELS, PEDAL HARP.  This helpful book can be thought of as a reference book for teachers and pedal harpists, though it mainly consists of material for the beginning harpists.

Arranging for Folk Harp (Robertson)

INSTRUCTION MANUAL, ALL HARPS. Illustrates a variety of accompaniment patterns and arrangement techniques for the folk harpist.

Art of Modulating

INTERMEDIATE TO ADVANCED PEDAL HARP.  Practical, short and harmonically correct modulating formulas.

Beginner’s Harp Book 1 Schlomovitz

EASY, ALL HARPS. Intended for the beginning student harpist with no prior musical experience. Ten progressive lessons teach notation and rhythm, using two fingers, using three fingers, triads, inverted triads, key signatures, chords, using four fingers, and triplets.

Beginner’s Harp Book 2 Schlomovitz

EARLY INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. This book continues where Book 1 ended, with ten more progressive lessons for the student harpist. Intervals, chords, triads, inversions, 8-note scales, glissandos, placing techniques, slides, 16th notes, harmonics.

Beginning at the Harp Vol 2 Thomson

EASY, ALL HARPS. The majority of pieces and exercises in this book have been designed to be played on a non-pedal harp tuned to the key of F.

Beginning at the Harp Vol I Thomson

EASY, ALL HARPS. An excellent book for beginners, simple and easy to comprehend.

Berceuse de Noel

EASY, ALL HARPS. A delightful, one page beginner piece. Waltz time, key of C. Technical emphasis is on placing and consistent rhythm.

Berklee Harp – Pomeranz

ALL LEVELS, ALL HARPS. Reading, improvisation, and arranging for pedal and lever harpists. Basic chords, chord symbols, and harmonic progressions used in a wide range of music styles. This book is designed to help explore personal musicianship and creativity.

Blazing Pedals V 1

ADVANCED PEDAL HARP.  A guide for harpists learning harmony necessary to play from lead sheets. Provides a systematic approach to identifying diatonic intervals occurring automatically on the harp. This is the digital download version.

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