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Adso the Cat Ens PDF

BEGINNER TO ADVANCED BEGINNER, ALL HARPS. A cat story of chasing and resting in the sun.

All In A Garden Green Ensemble PDF

EASY ALL HARPS - A beginning ensemble of this lovely Playford Collection dance.  One note at a time is played, and there are 4 parts.

Ave Maria – Schubert Quartet Dunwoodie PDF

INTERMEDIATE ALL HARPS - Quartet versions of the Schubert Ave Maria.  PDF download only.  Ab for pedal harp, A for lever harp.

Bach Rondeau in B Minor Quartet PDF

ADVANCED ENSEMBLE, PEDAL HARP    This beautiful and elegant piece of music was originally written for flute, strings and continuo, and has now been arranged for four advanced lever or pedal harpists

BegEnz – Beginning Ensemble PDF Dunwoodie

ALL HARPS - EASY ENSEMBLE Something for every beginner here! Available only as a PDF download.

Beginner Ensemble Book PDF

EASY ALL HARPS - a great and non-stressful way to start playing ensemble music on the harp.

Burns Baby Burns Quartet/Trio PDF

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS (3-4 parts) Scottish Medley with Burns lyrics.

Caccini Ave Maria Trio PDF

ALL HARPS MIXED LEVEL ENSEMBLE - BEGINNER TO INTERMEDIATE - beautiful version of the Ave Maria. PDF download version only.

Can-Can Trio and Duet PDF

INTERMEDIATE DUO OR TRIO, ALL HARPS A fun-filled piece! PDF download version.

Danse Macabre Quartet or Trio PDF (Saint-Saens)

MIXED LEVEL TRIO or QUARTET, ALL HARPS   An exciting and fantastic piece to play, extracted from the start of the Danse Macabre by Saint-Saens.

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