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INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS.  15 short medieval songs popular in Breton and Ireland.


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15 short medieval songs popular in Breton and Ireland.  Edited for lever harp. Each song is one page except for Brian Boru, which is two pages. This book includes very detailed fingering and placing. It contains techniques such as fermatas, drastic dynamics, time signature changes, accidentals and phrasing. Just a few lever changes. INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS.

Alain le renard
Le faucon
La chanson de table
L’epouse du Criose
Les trois moines rouges
Le retour d’Angleterre 

Les bleu
Le cygne
Le temps passe
Les linguers
La ceinture
La legende de Saint-Roman
La ceinture de nore 

Le baron de Fauios
Marche de Brian Boru

Maïté Etcheverry is a well known and well respected teacher of harp in France.  She has an unassuming and humble personality, yet is a superb harpist and teacher.  Her transcriptions are excellent.

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