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Trios for Young Artists (flute/harp/cello)

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS + ENSEMBLE. Interesting arrangements for all  players.


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Great and interesting arrangements for all the players involved. Greensleeves and Yellow Lace (Playford), Amaryllis (Playford), Never Love Thee More (Playford), Hole in the Wall (Playford) D# accidental, Portabella (Playford) F# accidental, Larry O’Gaff (trad Irish),  Planxty McGuire (Carolan) requires C#, The Rakes of Mallow (trad Irish), Sweet Remembrance (Mendelssohn) for pedal harp with a significant number of accidentals, Confidence (Mendelssohn) pedal harp, might be adaptable for lever, Entr’acte (Bizet) – pedal harp; Joplin’s The Entertainer pedal harp. Fun stuff. INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS.

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