Performance Solos

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. Written for gigging professionals, amateur players, and most especially, students.


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Performance Solos for the Harp is written for gigging professionals, amateur players, and most especially, students of the lever or pedal harp, since one of Chenette’s major motivations in publishing is to enable students to have more and better repertoire.  The music is conceived idiomatically for the instrument with alternation of hands, 3-4 finger chord placings, thumb slides, harmonics, and glissandos.  Placings and fingerings are marked to enable accurate and efficient sight-reading in a lesson or on one’s own.  Anyone who has worked through Chenette’s earlier publication for beginners, “Progressive Solos for the Harp (2004), will find “Performance Solos” a good sequel, with pieces both easy and challenging.  30 pages  (10 solos) in a variety of styles.

When we first received a sample of this book, Reba played through a few of the solos as I was working on something else. I found the music extremely pleasant and compelling; unique and spirited melodies and rhythms. Highly recommended!

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