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Emily Bronte in Song V 1

Compelling poems set to music, very singable, with excellent accompaniments largely written by Evelyn Castiglioni and Nancy Bick Clark, with one by Mary Radspinner. Available only as a download.


“All Day I’ve Toiled,” [Hatfield, pp.97-99], is set to the well-known Irish air “Star of the County
Down,” also known as the English hymn “Kingsfold.”

We offer two settings of “Harp of Wild and Dreamlike Strain” [Hatfield, p. 69] which evoke
different moods. The first is Evelyn’s setting to an adaptation “Will Ye No Come Back Again,”

The second more haunting setting by Nancy and Evelyn is to “Arrah, My Dear
Evaleen,” a traditional Irish tune used by Thomas Moore.

“The Linnet” [Hatfield, pp. 204-205] is a favorite poem of Dreama’s and her first request for
inclusion in this series of folios. Dreama chose the Irish air “Coola Shore.”

“Song” [Hatfield, p. 128] is a Gondal poem set to the traditional Manx and Welsh tune “Arrane
ny Vlieaun (The Milking Song)”

“The Wind, I Hear It Sighing” [Hatfield, pp. 129-130], written with somber maturity when
Emily was only 21 years old, is set to “Far Away,” a mesmerizing American waltz composed by
Pete Jung in 1985.

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