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Harp Newbies Activity Book, Level 1

BEGINNER, ALL HARPS. The Harp Newbies series includes three books for each level to develop skills in music reading, technique, and theory. This activity book has two other titles recommended to build skills: The Lesson Book, Level 1, SKU 80446, and The Tune Book, Level 1, SKU 80449.



The Activity Book includes links to 24 videos, and 4 audio tracks that reinforce concepts and lessons in The Lesson Book. It is not a stand-alone book and should be used along with the lesson book. Look for the “Do these activities…” note at the top of a page to stay in sync with lesson material. There are written exercises and playing exercises, as well as other things to do, like clapping rhythms. An answer page is available online for all written exercises at www.verlene.com/answers1.html. 32 pages.

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