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Great Day Ensemble

PEDAL HARP (main part) LEVER HARP (duet part) - INTERMEDIATE:  This piece is the favorite from Nancy's book, Sparklers.  It is splashy.  Now there is a second harp part for lever harp.

Pacific Sketches

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. A group of gently moving original pieces.

Songs Without Words

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. Four intermediate original solos with accidentals, muffles.


INTERMEDIATE PEDAL HARP. Five flashy solos for pedal harp. These songs that lay well at the harp and are among the most popular of all teaching pieces for both adults and children.

The Magic Road

EASY TO INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. Six easy original pieces for non-pedal harp.

Twilight Waltzes

UPPER INTERMEDIATE PEDAL HARP. Four jazzy-flavored original pieces for pedal harp. They are moderately difficult, with some pedal slides.

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